Master Kush – BOGO


Master kush is a popular multi-award winner marijuana strain. Its strong euphoria takes you to a blissful haze without overbearing effects. More seasoned users will experience a rise in creativity and intellectual curiosity.


The adverse effects of Master Kush include dry eyes and mouth. But some users report experiencing dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety at higher doses. Try this strain to get relief from anxiety and stress. Its potent Indica effects offer perfect relaxation in the evening. A few hits of Master Kush are enough to fall asleep. The strong sleep-inducing properties make it highly effective in combating insomnia.

This strain, also known as High Rise, produces a subtle earthy, citrus aroma with notes of incense, often described as a vintage flavor. People suffering from chronic pain can get relief from the body-numbing high of Master Kush. The stereotypical munchies effect of this strain stimulates appetite and helps address eating disorders.