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Our organizations primary goal it to provide high quality product at an affordable price and with the convenience of our customers to have access to it from the comfort of their home.


When we shop for marijuana our goal is the get premium flowers or amazing value for the grade of the product.
We carry an assortment of well known strains readily available for beginners & experts alike at many price ranges.
Order weed online, we deliver immediately and discreetly right to your door.


We offer a number of the finest quality Cannabis edibles in British Columbia as well as feature a large variety ranging from chocolates to sweets.
Our Premium Cannabis Delivery service assures you always have access to your favorite cannabis-infused snacks.


Our experts take tremendous time when choosing our range of marijuana extracts. Partnering with only the best processing partners in British Columbia, you can always find a range of marijuana concentrates through the Weedmaster selection.
Our team make sure that nothing but the absolute finest for our clients.

Check out cannabis concentrates, you’ll be happy you did.

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