Death Bubba – BOGO


Introducing Death Bubba weed strain, the all-new strain from Master Kush. This stoner-friendly cannabis is a rich, dark green with a black head. The flavor is intense and smooth, with a hint of psychoactive THC. Death Bubba is perfect for experienced smokers who want to get high without breaking the bank.


Death Bubba weed strain

  • Death Bubba is a marijuana strain that is said to be high in THC and CBD.
  • The strain was bred by growers in California and is known for its numerous psychoactive effects.
  • Users of death bubba say that it has a sweet, earthy flavor with a strong buzz. 4. Some people also claim that the strain has a strong pain relief effect.


Product Description: This strain has been bred specifically for the medical marijuana market. It produces an extremely potent yield of THC, which makes it ideal for patients who require large amounts of medicine.


  • High THC content
  • Low CBD content
  • Smooth smoke
  • Great for pain relief


  • Relieves stress
  • Enhances mood
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Helps sleep

Package Includes:

1x Death Bubba – BOGO

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