Cookies and Cream


Looking for an edge on the weed market? Try Cookies and Cream weed! Our cookies are made with cream and sugar, giving you a sweet and delicious treat. Whether you’re looking to get high or just relax, these cookies will do the trick.

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Cookies and Cream

  • Cookies and cream weed is a type of Cannabis that is typically grown in Europe.
  • It is thought to be a cross between Cookies and Cream, with the added flavor of cream.
  • The weed has a high THC content and is usually used as an Indica strain.

Flavour: Cookies and Cream

Product Description: This is the cookie dough of cannabis.


  • 100mg THC per gram
  • 10% CBD
  • Full spectrum


  • Great tasting
  • Easy to consume
  • Fast acting
  • Effective pain relief

Package Includes:

1x Cookies and Cream Flavour Kush

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